Shortly About Me

I have been painting for almost 40 years - it's a big part of my life and I love it. I also love sailing, gardening and reading. Life is sweet here on "the Rock" - Texada Island. I teach workshops, show my work in competitions, exhibitions and in my studio. Hope you like it.


  • Exhibition in FRANCEOn beautiful Ile de Bendor on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Awards- Barse Miller Memorial Award at the American Watercolor Society's 136th Annual International Exhibition in 2003 in New York City, NY
    - Full signature membership in the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1993
    - Full signature membership in the Society of Canadian Artists, Toronto, Ontario in 2005



My Philosophy

Being creative is not simply carefully crafting form and design,creativity builds on opening up to brand new ways of seeing.Everything in life is creative so, when one listens to life, new ideas and ways of expressing oneself appear. Life keeps teaching me that the subject is of minimal importance but the exploration of what occurs when paint and water mix, now that is huge. As a teacher, my job is to excite the student. As a painter, my job is to excite myself (and the viewer).

I must feel good when I paint, not confined or restricted in any way. When I feel good, my paintings SING. Listen to life carefully, it sends messages of exploration and change, if we listen.

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