Clouds In Watercolours Demo:

  Layer #1:

On dry paper, grey washes were painted with immediate edge softening. Droplets of water were touched into the wet wash and tissue was used to mop up and push back the soft white edges. Timing was important here - we waited until some of the "shine" had left the wash before using the water drops - this created lovely backruns.

  Layer #2:

Ultramarine blue and prussian were mixed to make the sky colour, which was painted between the grey areas, being sure to leave a little extra white showing where needed. The hard edges were softened with a damp brush or sponge.

  Layer #3:

A deeper grey was introduced into the bases of the cloud formations to give them weight. Again, the upper edges in particular were softened.

  Layer #4:

The foreground sand & grass area was textured with waxed paper (torn roughly, then dropped into the juicy wet paint). Once that was fairly dry, the distant islands, higher sandbars and upper edge of foreground sandbar were directly painted in to complete the scene.