Leaves Demo:


Step 1: Painted wet-into-wet,a soft wash of warm colours was textured using waxed paper.This layer was dried fully.


Step 2:

A single stalk of leaves was drawn in, then a field wash using aureolin, cobalt blue and rose madder genuine was gently painted around the leaf shapes. The stem was ignored. This wash was dried fully.

    Step 3:

A second stalk was drawn in behind the first one, then another field wash was painted using the same pigments plus burnt sienna. This time, both leaf fronds were carefully painted arouns, again ignoring the stems. This layer was dried fully.

    Step 4:

Using strips of masking tape with a narrow gap between, each stem was scrubbed one by one back to white using a clean, damp sponge. A third stalk of leaves was drawn in behind the first two, and a dark field wash using phthalo blue and burnt sienna was threaded in between the three layers of leaves and stems. The stem for the third stalk itself was carefully painted around this time.

    Step 5:

Using a torn toothpick dipped in a mixture of phthalo blue and cadmium red, the dark calligraphy details were suggested.