White Poppies" Demo

    Subject Photograph

    Step 1:

Painted wet-into-wet, a soft wash of warm colours was textured using plastic wrap,
avoiding the white poppy shapes

    Step 2:

Pale grey washes were used to softly shape the flower petals

    Step 3:

The petal shapes and warm stalks in background were isolated with a wash that stretched right to the edges of the paper focussing on a rich wash of non-staining (mostly opaque) colours

    Step 4:

A layer of foliage & stalk shapes were isolated using a mixture of opaque and some staining colours; the yellow flower centre was defined and the baby bud was painted in.

    Step 5:

The final layer of pinpoint darks was put in using staining paints. The details on the yellow centre and petals were directly painted.